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Diana With Love; Fine Art Portraiture for the sentimental and adventurous that encapsulates the love and emotion of small stolen moments from your family's story ♥


I’m Diana. The photographer, editor and owner of Diana With Love Photography.  I have been professionally shooting since 2005 and absolutely adore every moment of this wonderful career I have created for myself. I am a photographer who loves photographing love in all its forms from couples to families, newborns and children. This is what I love. To capture the most heartfelt moments in your life. Love inspires me. Love, in front of beautiful golden lighting and against natural, imperfect and stunning scenery :)

When you book a session with me, expect to go on a mini adventure, exploring the nooks and crannies of a new or favourite location.  Expect that your feet might get wet, your clothes may get dirty, your smiles will be genuine and your love for one another will be well documented.


I was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in Richmond Hill.  I studied Creative Advertising at Seneca College and Fine Art at York University.  People always thought business and art were such odd majors to pursue together but to me it made perfect sense!!  I moved to Shelburne in 2009 and this city gal/beach bum got a little country.  In 2012 I had my beautiful daughter who is my world!  I never knew how amazing motherhood would be until she came into my life.  Since then, life has thrown us a few challenges but nothing we haven't been able to overcome and our country life moved to beach life: Wasaga to be exact! And we really became beach bums!! In 2015 we moved to Barrie to be closer to friends and family.  And at the end of 2018, we made a very exciting leap and moved to Huntsville, Ontario! I never thought I'd be saying that, but some exciting opportunities have brought us into the Muskoka area and we are pretty pumped to explore all it has to offer us!  Plus my backyard backs onto the forest .. hello endless photo shoot possibilities in my own backyard .. literally!

Some random facts:  I love to laugh.  To smile.  To have fun.  To live every moment. To go on adventures anywhere outdoors.  To appreciate the little things that effortlessly mean so much.  I love happy tears.  Summer.  Feeling the hot sun warm your skin from head to toe.  The beach.  Exploring.  Waterfalls & Creeks.  Sunsets.  Bonfires with good friends.  Cottages.  The morning after smell of a bonfire on your hair and clothes.  Taking care of my plant tribe.  Always on a mission to propagate more plant babies. I love antiques.  Pretending I can long board.  Long drives to nowhere specific.  I love chocolate!  Anything sweet. Tropical drinks in the sun.  Tropical craft IPAs made by my beau. The smell of everything tropical.  Coffee in the morning.  Sushi with good friends with big appetites.  Heartfelt movies.  Rock.  Pop. Hip Hop. Latin. Country.  Andrea Boccelli.  I love good music.  Puppies with flat faces and gigantic paws.  Books that make me cry.  I love DIY!  Making things.  Working with my hands.  Creating something special.  Creating something unique.  Trying something new.  Challenging myself.  I love my job.  What I do.  What I get to create for others.  I love the idea of great-grandchildren.  The idea of lots of babies.  Their babies.  Their babies’ babies.  This life is a wild and unpredictable adventure and I’m going to enjoy each moment of the journey I’m on. Soak in the good. Learn from the not so good. And just cherish it all! xo

Family photos taken by Andrea Jantzi